Objects of TRUTH NOW

The objects of TRUTH NOW are:
1.To ascertain in every way the fate of the missing persons, or of persons who either passed away or whose traces were lost or whose fate is unknown, during the Inter Communal Troubles between the Communities of Cyprus, and during the Turkish Invasion of 1974, and to investigate and study any matter related to the abovementioned object whether this relates to a specific person or category of persons or special area of Cyprus.

2.To undertake every effort for the healing of the wounds of the close relatives of the abovementioned missing persons and/or persons whose human rights have been violated.

3.To ascertain the facts in relation to possible violations of basic human rights during the abovementioned events.

4.To act as a pressure group to the International or Cypriot public opinion, Governments, Legislative Bodies, Religious Organisations or Churches and, in general, to any Organisations or civil or political groups which could achieve or contribute to the achievement of all or any of the abovementioned objects of the organisation.

5.To organise speeches, workshops, seminars, conferences and informational campaigns and meetings to grant services concerning the objects of the organisation and to educate and test the trainees.